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Preparing Your Home

Properly preparing your home for sale can boost your asking price. Usually major repairs are not needed, but to get the most for your home, we do have some recommendations.

Get the inside ready

If you have too much “stuff” around the house will make it appear smaller and not as appealing to a potential buyer. Remove and store anything that is not essential for the next few weeks or months. Depersonalize the home by removing knick-knacks and family pictures to allow buyers to picture themselves living there. Keep clutter to a bare minimum. 

Deep cleaning is essential for a good first impression. Make your windows and surfaces sparkle. Your home will look so much brighter. Air out your home by opening your windows at least once a day. Try to avoid cooking foods that have smells that linger. Use air freshener but don’t overuse it to make it seem like you’re masking a smell.

Polish your hardwood floors and shampoo your carpets. If they are in bad shape, consider replacing them. If a room shows signs of wear or is outdated, paint or consider a floor covering. Paint is inexpensive yet can yield an amazing improvement in a room's appeal.


Get the outside ready

Get rid of anything, including toys, excess furniture and tools, that blocks pathways or clutters up side yards, backyards and patios. Increase your curb appeal by tidying up the landscaping and planting fresh flowers. A fresh coat of exterior paint can make all the difference to a buyer. Give your property a well-cared-for appearance by re-staining a deck and cleaning your gutters.


Minor Changes, Major Impact

You only have $1,000 to prepare your home for sale. Consider the following items for inexpensive changes that make all the difference.

  1. Change the main light fixtures in your home - dining, kitchen, bathrooms and hallway

  2. Change the kitchen and bathroom faucets

  3. Paint with modern, neutral colors - lighter colors attract more buyers

  4. Install wider baseboards in main living areas

  5. Edge, mow and weed both the front and back yards

  6. Add colorful flowers to the front of the house to create a welcoming entrance

  7. De-clutter the house entirely

  8. Clean and organize closets and drawers

  9. Have your carpets shampooed

  10. Hire a window cleaner and a house cleaner to deep clean your home

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