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We will guide you through every step to create an offer that fits your needs while being competitive in today’s market.

It’s time to write an offer

  • What to consider to determine an offer price

    • Days on market

    • Amenities compared to recently sold homes in the area

    • How motivated is the Seller?

  • Everything is negotiable

    • Closing costs

    • Home warranty

    • Termite inspection

    • Termite clearance

    • Seller credit toward Buyer closing costs

  • Decide on a close of escrow date

    • Typical escrow is 30 days from an accepted offer

    • Do you have to give 30 day notice to your landlord?

    • Talk to your lender to determine how much

  • Earnest money deposit

    • You will need to provide an initial deposit that shows the Seller that you are committed to this property. As a general rule, it is 1% of the purchase price but there is a lot of latitude in the amount you offer.

    • Your earnest money deposit is refundable until you remove all of your contingencies in writing.

  • Contingency periods

    • Determine the number of days you will need to complete your inspections, have the home appraised and loan fully approved.

Present the offer to the Seller’s agent

  • Seller can accept the offer complete as it is written

  • Seller can make a counter offer (most typical)

    • Seller can counter on price, close of escrow, terms, etc

    • Counter offers can continue until a mutual agreement is reached or one of the parties walks away and the offer falls out

  • Seller can reject the offer and not counter the offer

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