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Why should you sell your Sacramento County home in the fall or winter?

Spring and summer are typically the busiest time of year to sell your home. The days are longer, the weather is better, and the curb appeal factor is easier to achieve. But are they the best times? What month is the best month to sell a house? While yes, spring and summer are busier real estate months, there are plenty of people needing to buy or sell houses in fall and winter too, especially in regions with mild winters like Sacramento county. Let’s look into some of the pros and cons of selling during the fall and winter in the Sacramento Area.

Is the fall or winter a good time to sell a house?

Selling Pros:

  • There will be less homes for sale in your neighborhood. With fewer homes on the market, it will be easier for your home to stand out and be noticed.

  • While there will be less people looking to buy, the ones that are looking will tend to be serious and motivated buyers. These buyers will more likely be pre-approved for a mortgage. They often know what they want and can be eager to close.

  • Due to the motivated nature of offseason buyers, homes listed in the offseason can sell faster.

  • Lenders in the winter seasons can be less busy. This means they may be able to get the buyer’s financing ready faster, leading to faster closing times.

Selling Cons:

  • Winter sellers get a bad rap. Some buyers out there may see a listing in the winter and assume the seller is desperate and put in very low ball offers. Make sure your house is priced reasonably with up to date comparables.

  • Buyers could have other financial obligations prohibiting them from buying a house like holiday expenses, holiday travel, upcoming taxes, and so on.

  • Curb appeal during late fall and winter is naturally more difficult to be appealing.

  • There will tend to be fewer showings. Potential buyers may not be as motivated to go out looking at houses when the weather is not pleasant. Luckily in Sacramento with our mild winters weather may not be as big of a distraction as in other regions.

  • Showings could be higher maintenance with families indoors more during winter weather. It may be more difficult to keep the house in good showing order.

Why should you sell your home in the winter?

All these points are worth thinking about when making a decision to sell your Sacramento Area home in winter or fall. We understand that some of these may not be pros or cons for you personally, as every situation is individual. One last thought is that it’s also important to note that properly preparing your home for sale can boost your asking price. Usually, major repairs are not needed, but to get the most for your home, we do have some recommendations. We here at Team Lund would love to help and guide you wherever you are in your decision-making process! Take a look at our tips for sellers list here and reach out today with your questions!

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