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How do I Sell my House Fast in Sacramento?

How can I increase my chances of selling my house? Selling your home in either a buyer’s or seller’s market can be stressful. It is challenging to keep your house presentable for showings on top of the inconvenience of being able to vacate at a moment’s notice. Especially if you have pets or children!

Since buyers are most interested in a home when it first hits the market you want to be prepared with these tips in order to sell your Sacramento home fast! Use these easy and inexpensive tips and you can expect an offer in no time!

Simple Steps to Selling Your House Fast in Sacramento

Get a storage unit while your house is on the market.

It is a great idea to make your home as uncluttered and airy as possible to attract potential buyers. Buyers want to see the full potential of your home. If the closets and storage area are packed and cluttered, buyers will not be able to get an accurate view of your home's assets. Having a storage unit will also allow you to keep your valuables and personal items in a secure location during the showing stage of selling your home. When it comes time for you to move into your new home having your items already boxed up and ready to move is a convenience as well.

Hire a professional to stage and photograph your house.

The important thing is to make the home appealing to the buyer. A professional stager will know how to get the full potential out of each living space. They will emphasize your home’s potential, highlight key spaces, and help declutter your home.

Having a professional photographer is key.

More buyers do their home shopping online with the pandemic situation worldwide. This includes shopping for their future home from the comfort and safety of their own homes. That being said, the “first impression” of your home will be the photos they will see online. A professional photographer will know how to reveal your home’s amazing potential and show off your home in its best light.

Find the right Real Estate Agent.

Interview a few different Real Estate Agents before choosing one. Ask good questions. Find out about their experience and what their specialty is. Make sure your potential agent is an expert in the areas where you are selling and buying. You want to make sure the hours that your Agent is available are compatible with yours. Also, you want to be confident you and your potential agent have a good rapport. And lastly, clear methods of communication are crucial to consider in this market.

Make small upgrades to your house.

Don’t worry about major remodels, chances are you would not get a good return on that investment. Instead, make small upgrades that can be done quickly and relatively inexpensively. Little upgrades like cabinet hardware in the kitchen and bathrooms, touching up paint, or even replacing a sink or faucet can go a long way in your home’s appeal.

Give some attention to curb appeal.

Your home’s exterior will be the first impression potential buyers will have. Touch up chipped or missing paint. Replace or clean and polish doorknobs and kick plates on the doors. Clean windows and clear any cobwebs from sashes. Make sure the lawn is clear of debris and the grass is cut. Have your trees and bushes trimmed and maintained. Doing these curb appeal suggestions will help your home put its best foot forward when it's time to sell!

Remember, buyers will be most interested in your home the first few weeks it’s on the market. It's important to be prepared ahead of time in order to sell your Sacramento home fast! Use these simple steps to help you get offers quickly that are close to (or even above!) your asking price!

We would love to help you in your journey! Contact Team Lund today and let’s chat or message us over on Facebook or Instagram with any questions!

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