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5 Easy Ways to Support Local in Sacramento County

At Team Lund, we love what we do! We get to serve our clients well and be a part of the incredible Sacramento County community. We thought we could take a moment to explore some of the treasures this community has to offer.. even during the pandemic.

The local businesses care about our community, and most are feeling some kind of financial strain right now. So why not support them and try to buy local first!


Here are 5 Easy Ways to Support Local in Sacramento County

1. Order Online

Most businesses are equipped for online purchases of their goods and services. Many may also have hybrid options as well. Due to the times, we are living in, we can still support our favorite local businesses without the added stress of in-person shopping or shop in person and use contactless delivery when the order arrives.

2. Buy a Gift Card

For any businesses right now, purchasing an in house gift card is really helpful! Especially beneficial for service-based businesses that cannot sell physical products online, gift cards are an excellent way to help keep our local service businesses going through this tough time.

3. Order Takeout or Delivery

Going out for dinner may not have been an option lately, but our local restaurants are adapting to today’s environment and most are offering expanded delivery and curbside take-out options. It may not be as exhilarating as a night out but, it will help keep these restaurants open until date nights are a thing again.

4. Make a Donation or Tip Generously

Some of the hardest-hit workers are restaurant servers and those in the service industry. Leaving healthy tips or donations for the service industry workers would give them a much-needed boost.

5. Write Good Reviews

We are all stressed out more than usual these days, and this is especially true for small businesses and the people who work for them. If we try and remember to drop a note on your chosen social media outlets, that can boost the morale of the local business owners and their employees. It also just may drive more business their way due to your glowing reviews!

Yes, it may be a bit more challenging to show support for the local businesses you love, but it’s not impossible! We can still come together and offer up some much-needed encouragement and financial help. Don’t miss out on these ways to safely support your Sacramento County businesses during this season!

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