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The Best Areas in Sacramento CA to Find Real Estate

The entire process of finding a new home can be exciting and overwhelming, both for sellers and first time home buyers. And, of course, the real estate market is much different from what it was a decade ago, so it may seem like more of a challenge to find that dream home. If you’re thinking about moving to the greater Sacramento area, there are several things to consider beforehand.

First, it helps to get a feel for the different parts of the city, especially if you want to make sure you’re moving into a safe and comfortable environment with your family. Next, you’ll need to get familiar with the local market and how much house you will get for your price range. Finally, you will want to connect with one of the Sacramento Realtors top agents for expert advice and insights into local real estate active listings. If you’d like to find out more about the best areas in Sacramento to find real estate, you’re in the right place.

What Is the Best Area to Live in Sacramento, CA?

For potential buyers, choosing the right location is essential. Sacramento is a large city consisting of dozens of different counties, some of which have more to offer than others. Learning more about some of the top-rated counties and what they have available to you could help you decide where you’d like to live in the city.

Finding what meets your real estate needs begins with figuring out which areas are the absolute best for you in the city. When deciding on a new location, look for an area that has everything you need. You wouldn't want to move to an area that doesn't meet your needs or is inconvenient to you. Pay attention to the school district, shopping, entertainment, and activities for the whole family.

Sac County

Sacramento County has a population of over 1.5 million people and is a top choice for those moving to California because of everything it offers. It’s home to numerous public, charter, and private schools, allowing new residents to send their children to excellent schools. In addition, the area is home to dozens of large parks available for recreational use. Those who enjoy exploring the outdoors, taking the children to the playground, or even hiking trails can benefit from spending time here.

Plenty of Family-friendly Places to Visit Nearby

The crime rate in Sacramento County is a bit higher than the national average. However, most people would describe the area as a relatively safe place to live, especially when moving into the area with family. It’s a diverse, family-friendly area that has a lot to offer.

Some of the specific areas and neighborhoods you may want to check out in Sacramento County include:

  • West Sacramento

  • East Sacramento

  • Citrus Heights

  • Rancho Cordova

  • Sierra Oaks

  • Tahoe Park

  • Fair Oaks

  • Elk Grove

  • River Park

  • Folsom

  • Curtis Park

  • Rancho Murieta

  • Natomas Creek

  • Hollywood Park

These are a few of the many spots to consider when you’re looking for real estate in some of the best areas of Sacramento, California. No matter where you choose, you won’t be far from large parks, grocery stores, and other convenient amenities that you will need to use from time to time.

Placer County

If you’d like to find real estate in a beautiful area with a smaller population than Sacramento County, Placer County is another great option. It’s not far from the Tahoe National Forest and is a fantastic place to live and raise a family. The beautiful landscape throughout the area is one of the top reasons to make a move to Placer County.

It’s the kind of place that people choose to move to when they’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city while enjoying a more relaxing environment. If you yearn for peace and calm, Placer County is a must-see. Once you visit the area, you may immediately want to start looking for homes for sale in that area. One popular area to search is Granite Bay.

Beautiful and Relaxing Area with So Many Amenities to Explore

The real estate in Placer County is fantastic. You can find lots of beautiful homes with plenty of space for growing families. So, if you already have several children or plan on adding to your family over the years, homes in this area are an excellent choice.

Not only do residents love the picturesque landscape throughout the area, but they’re also fans of the top-rated school districts and various amenities available within such a short distance from their homes.

In addition, the Miners Ravine Trail Loop is one of the most popular attractions in the area, sure to excite those who enjoy spending time outdoors. Along with this neat attraction, if you move to Placer County, you can enjoy other great places, such as Old Town Auburn, Antique Trove, and the Roseville Telephone Museum.

Cost of Real Estate is Considerably Higher

Placer County is an excellent place to live. However, you may notice the cost of real estate is higher than it is in other places throughout the state and country. There are a few reasons for this. First, because Placer County is a safe and beautiful area, there is a demand for housing within the county.

Second, people want to live in the area, so there is more competition for the homes on the market. The properties built in the area are often large enough for families to have plenty of space, meaning they’ll cost more because of their size and the amount of land available. Some of these properties cost more than $600K.

El Dorado County

El Dorado County is another great place to live within the Sacramento area. Many people prefer this county because it’s a lot smaller with a population of a little over 181,000. While there are thousands of people living in the county, it’s still a lot less than the number for major cities throughout California. With that in mind, it’s essential to know about some of the best reasons to live in El Dorado County.

Perfect Area for Nature-lovers

The beautiful area of El Dorado is perfect for those who enjoy nature. If you like visiting hiking trails and spending time near mountains, this is the place for you. While it doesn’t have many attractions like some of the major cities, it’s a great area to live in when you want to get away from all the noise and polluted air. Living outside of the town in such a quaint county is perfect for living a peaceful and relaxed lifestyle.

Large Properties with All the Amenities

You can find different types of real estate available on the market in El Dorado. Many of these homes cost close to $1M. If you don’t have that kind of money, you’re probably wondering if you’ll be able to live in this beautiful county. The reason the cost of homes is so high is that these properties are often large, located in spots that provide breathtaking views, and include convenient amenities that people often want in their homes, such as in-ground pools and multi-car garages.

However, if you have the money to spend, it may be worth it to make a move to this great area despite the cost of the homes. Not only are the homes beautiful, but so is the area itself. El Dorado has a reputation for being a safe place to live. Places like Cameron Park are a great place to raise a family with safe, quiet neighborhoods and good schools.

What Is the Nicest Suburb of Sacramento?

Several suburbs in Sacramento have a lot to offer the residents thinking about buying real estate and moving into the area. Of course, El Dorado is one of the best places to live in the area. However, there are other suburbs worth considering when you’re trying to find a home with everything you want in a property and is available at a price you can afford. Some of the nicest suburbs of Sacramento include Folsom, Roseville, Fair Oaks, and Elk Grove.

These suburbs received top ratings from residents for several reasons. First, these areas provide safe and comfortable living quarters, making them great places to choose when you want to raise a family in a beautiful neighborhood. Besides the safety offered throughout these suburbs, there are other things to look forward to within the different places, including parks and recreational centers, shops, and various attractions that are perfect for staying entertained over the years.

Will Sacramento Housing Prices Go Down?

While some are hoping that the housing prices in Sacramento will go down, it doesn’t appear that it will happen anytime soon. For those wishing to get a price reduction in some of the beautiful real estate on the market, forecasts show that the housing prices in the area will increase by a whopping 8.0 percent.

There is often more demand for homes than the supply available. It's common to see many people at an open house and for sellers to receive multiple offers for their home. As long as the demand for homes in the area continues, the prices will continue to increase instead of decrease. This is another reason why it's important for you to research local realtors and find one with years of experience and a proven track record to help you with every step of the process.

Find a Good Real Estate Agent

Anyone interested in buying a home should meet with a licensed realtor to discuss their wants and needs and to learn about buyer representation as soon as possible. Find Realtors that are popular in the Real Estate industry and who have a positive average rating. Take some time to search online for those who had a great experience and see what past clients have said in customer reviews and on social media. See if they are members of the National Association of Realtors where they have extensive resources available to them to in turn help you.

If you are looking for real estate transactions that include more specialized help like short sales or commercial properties you can always email an agent and ask about their experience. Also, don't hesitate to look for a team leader of real estate professionals. They often provide you with objective data, great tips, and the latest news regarding these topics!

Let Team Lund Help You Find The Best Area In Sacramento Ca For Real Estate That Meet Your Needs!

If you’re thinking about buying a home and you were going to wait for the prices to drop, it’s not worth it. The prices will only continue to increase as the demand for homes in Sacramento continues to rise. If you continue to wait, you may end up paying much more for a home that you’d like to buy. Instead, reach out to Team Lund today. We would love to connect you with our buyer agent and help you search relevant listings to ensure you make the best decision for your family in the season you are in!

What is your favorite area of Sacramento, CA? Let us know below or Message us over on Facebook or Instagram ! We would love to hear from you!

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