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5 Simple Tips For Preparing To Sell Your Home In Sacramento

Are you wondering what you should do to get your house ready to sell? Maybe you would like to know how you can increase the chances of selling your home? At Team Lund, we understand that the thought of selling your home can be overwhelming! If you're looking for some “how do you sell your house tips”, you’re in the right place. We want to offer you some selling tips and help you get started!

Here are 5 Simple Tips For Preparing To Sell Your Home In Sacramento

Know what your home is worth.

Make sure your Realtor knows and is experienced in real estate in your specific area. The real estate market has fluctuations due to a variety of circumstances, so have your realtor run a comparative market analysis, or CMA to find the most accurate estimated value at the present time.

A comparative market analysis will compare what recent home sales in your neighborhood or similar neighborhood, with similar square footage, bedrooms, bathrooms, upgrades, and features, are selling for. That way you will have a realistic selling price to shoot for. Also due to the fluctuations that come with the real estate market, it is not ideal to go back more than six months for comparable pricing.

Timing is important.

If you have the benefit of time, there are times of the year where homes sell better. Team Lund will be able to run the statistics and provide you with the best time of the year to put your home on the market. If you need to move right away, these tips will benefit either way. It’s also important to understand if it’s a buyer’s or seller’s market. A good rule of thumb is to buy in a buyer’s market and sell in a seller’s market whenever that is possible. Paying attention to the timing can help you sell your home, as quickly as possible and for the best price.

What should I do to my house before I sell it?

Declutter your home.

Before you open your home for showings, cleaning and decluttering is critical. Sometimes we get so used to our environment, we get blind to the little things that can go unnoticed. It is good to have a fresh pair of eyes to look over your home and point out things that may need touching up. The potential buyer will be trying to picture their household’s life in the house, so you want it to show as an inviting, airy, clean canvas.

Some things you may want to consider packing away before you sell are:

  • Extra belongings like unused furniture that can take up space or make a room seem crowded.

  • Personal and pictures and religious items can hinder potential buyers from picturing themselves in the home.

  • Make sure closets are clean and organized with only essentials. Buyers want to have a good idea of the storage space your home offers.

A storage unit can come in quite handy for storing your extra furniture and personal items while your home is showing!

Don’t neglect a deep clean.

After you have your home decluttered and organized, a deep clean is a must. Clean every room including often overlooked areas like cabinets, baseboards, ceiling fans, tile grout lines, and carpet. It may save you time and be financially beneficial in the end to hire professional cleaners for this, our realtors at Team Lund can give you a list of proven professionals to handle this for you.

Take care of repairs.

After you have decluttered and cleaned your home you most likely have found a few minor or perhaps major things in need of repair. It is best to take care of these things right away before the showing begins. Loose tiles, chipped paint, dents, and scratches in the walls are easy fixes, but if left unfixed can be detractors to potential buyers. If you are not very handy, Team Lund can recommend a maintenance crew to take care of these things for you.

Curb appeal is important. The outside of your house will be the first impression for potential buyers. Make sure bushes are trimmed, the lawn is cut, sidewalks are swept, porch lights are working, windows are clean, and doorknobs are clean and functioning. These landscaping tips will help make that first impression a good one.

What sells a house quickly?

If you only have $1,000 to prepare your home for sale, you may want to consider the items in our Minor Changes, Major Impact report. We will share what inexpensive changes make all the difference. Reach out here and we will send it over to you! For more information or additional tips for getting ready to sell, visit this link today!

In any type of market, your home’s first impression is critical. By investing some time, effort, and money into your house before it goes on the market, you can create a great first impression. This may make all the difference between sitting and selling!

Which of these Simple Tips For Preparing To Sell Your Home In Sacramento will you start with today? Share your thoughts with us over on Facebook or Instagram!

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