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5 Of The Best Fall Flowers To Brighten Your Home And Help You Sell!

Fall may be just around the corner, but it doesn’t mean that you have to forgo brightening your home as you prepare to sell! A simple and effective way to both brighten and cozy up your home is by using fall flowers. Flowers are far more than just eye candy. Beyond their stand-alone beauty, they brighten and complement the colors in the room. Not only do flowers make the air smell better, but actually clean the air as well.

Flowers improve your mood and the mood of prospective buyers. On top of the positive psychological effects of flowers and plants in the home, flowers have been linked to lowering feelings of pain and anxiety and may even lower blood pressure as well! With so many benefits to inviting fall flowers into your home, let’s look at 5 of the best ones to help you get started today!

The Following Is A Short List Of Beautiful Examples Of Pleasing Fall Flowers And Plants For Fall

When thinking about what flower represents fall, Chrysanthemums easily top the list. These versatile flowers have pleasing fall shades of orange, yellow, peach, and white. Because they come in a variety of sizes and colors it is easy to put together a beautiful display for an entry or kitchen, but they are also small enough to make an eye-catching table accent. Chrysanthemums can also be found easily in stores that you regularly frequent so you don’t have to go out of your way to pick some up!

Croton is a great fall houseplant sporting bold colors of red, orange, and yellow! It does well in cooler but frost-free environments and like most plants loves humidity. It also loves bright light and really adds a pop of color to brighten up your dining or living room.

Pansies might just be THE perfect fall flower! A hybrid form of a violet, they come in many colors and they grow well in cooler weather. Bonus tip: They are both a great fall and spring flower!

Flowering kale is a tough and pretty plant. With deep purple and green colors, this plant flourishes in mild winter areas. Flowering kale is great for appearance and will add a much-needed burst of color to brighten your home but it is not recommended for salad.

Have you heard of a Dianthus? It is a beautiful and fragrant flower. This flower comes in a variety of deep pretty pink, purple, red, and white shades and does quite well in cool weather. Add a Dianthus to your entryway and your prospective buyer will be greeted by its fragrance when they enter your home!

How To Brighten Your Home With Fall Flowers

Having fresh flowers in your home can be a pleasing aid in selling your home. Prospective buyers are picturing themselves living in the house. Flowers can brighten your home and make it feel “homey.” Fresh flowers and potted plants give a pleasing aroma and lend airiness to the home.

Although we recommend adding fall flowers, it’s a good idea to stay away from too many flowers, as to not overpower. You may also want to stay away from flowers with too much pollen to avoid allergy issues. Potted plants are a nice option too. An added bonus to potted plants is you can take your plants with you to your new house so make sure to choose plants you will like yourself!

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