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5 Fall Decor Trends to Embrace This Year

If you love decorating for the fall, check out these five fall decor trends that are worth embracing this year. You can give your home that perfect autumn vibe using these neat decorations and fun ideas.

5 Fall Decor Trends to Embrace This Year


Believe it or not, velvet is making a comeback. And, instead of wearing it, you can decorate your home with it. So, how are people using velvet for fall decor? They’re buying velvet couches, using velvet couch covers, and even tossing velvet throw pillows on their couches to use as accents. Not only is velvet trending, but it’s often a popular selection in the first place because of its elegant appearance and soft texture. You can’t go wrong with incorporating it into your home’s fall decor.

Brown and Burgundy Fixtures

Consider going for brown and burgundy fixtures when decorating the rooms of your home, including the dining room and living room. Something about the combination of brown and burgundy represents the fall season so well, and it’s easy to find lots of decorations in those colors. You can even get brown and burgundy artificial leaf garland to hang around the ceilings of your home, over mirrors, and around the banister to your staircase.

Painted Mini Pumpkins

Mini pumpkins are in at the moment! And, the best part is that you can change the appearance of them whenever you want by painting over them with a different color. First, you can start with the traditional orange pumpkin that matches the fall theme. However, after thanksgiving, you can paint the pumpkin white, gold, or even red to use for your winter decorations. We love when it’s easy to repurpose decorations!

Knit Throws

Add a touch of comfort to your home by using knit throws for decorative purposes. You can toss them on the back of your couch, place them on a chair, or even leave them folded on top of an ottoman. Lots of people use colorful knit throws in autumn-inspired hues to decorate the property. While these throws are great for decorative purposes and definitely bring warm and comforting vibes, they’re also great to have nearby because you want to be able to grab a blanket when you feel cold.

Earth-Colored Accents

Earth-colored accents are also trending this year. Choose different accents, such as pillows, candle holders, frames, and other items to decorate the home with this fall. Not sure which colors are Earth colors? Shades of green, deep blue, dark red, orange, and even yellow are all excellent choices. Best of all, you can find these accents anywhere, such as home goods stores and traditional department stores. While the trends tend to change each year, these are the top five fall decor trends that are worth embracing. You can decorate your home with different items to make it feel more welcoming, cozy, and inviting. It doesn’t require too much effort or money spent to decorate the home for the fall season! You’ll love the way your home looks when you’ve finished decorating it with these items.

Which of these 5 fall decor trends will you embrace this year?

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