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4 Keys to Finding the Best Location For Your Sacramento Home

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

The most tried and true statement in real estate is the importance of location location location. You can change the shape, size, style, and more about the house, but you cannot change the location. There are many factors that come into play when deciding what kind of location will best fit your household. And while you may be tempted to focus on the most common thoughts like “What is the nicest part of Sacramento?” don’t stop there! Join us as we explore four keys to finding the best location for your new Sacramento home!

Does This Sacramento Home Have Future Potential?

Pick a home that you can see a future for yourself. A neighborhood’s desirability can fluctuate. The “best” neighborhood will be expensive. Something to consider is what will be the NEXT best neighborhood. Buying in the up-and-coming neighborhood could save you money compared to buying in today’s “it” neighborhood. It also has the potential for a better return on investment in the future. Ask your realtor which neighborhoods are trending upwards and have the most future potential and start there!

What Is The Best School District In Sacramento Ca?

If you have children, the school district factor is very important. It’s another part of your “ideal location” to be considered heavily. Know the key points of what’s important to you when looking for a school.

Noting details like:

  • What is the school district rated?

  • What is the school size?

  • Are there potential overcrowding issues?

  • And even a less obvious part of this...will there be more school development in your potential neighborhood?

Living close by to the school that best fits your child’s needs and learning style will help make for a happy childhood and a bright future.

What Are My Commute Times And Available Public Transportation?

Transportation issues are important. The length of your commute to work is something to consider. A long stressful commute can dampen your enthusiasm for your new home’s location. Also, long commutes can cost quite a bit in the long run with the cost of gas, and wear and tear on your vehicle, not to mention the mental toll sitting in traffic can take. Research how long your commute will be and how accessible public transportation is if that is your preferred method of getting around.

What Amenities Are Available In Your Potential Neighborhood?

Amenities are another factor. Having grocery stores, malls, libraries, entertainment, and more all within 5-10 minutes drive will make your potential investment even more desirable. Walkability in your neighborhood will enhance your neighborhood’s desirability and raise your property value overall. Having shopping and entertainment within walking distance will also give you that added connection to your neighborhood, and the people in it, that make your new house a great place to call home.

As we’ve looked at the four keys to finding the best location for your new Sacramento home you can clearly see that location is a crucial piece of the puzzle. Understanding your preferences even down to the location within the preferred neighborhood is key.

The location could easily be one of the most important things to consider when buying your next Sacramento home. All of the factors we discussed today will come into play with how much you get out of your home, and they will also affect your return on your investment if you decide to move later on.

So what about you? Which of these four keys to finding the best location for your new Sacramento home are most important to you? Let us know in the comments or message us over on Facebook or Instagram with your thoughts!

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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